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Qualitative vs. Quantative Venture

Data Venture Capital has long been evaluating companies on a set of Qualitative measures. These measures aren’t always applied in the same method or order. Some can pop up out of the blue as a deal breaker. Other VC’s will argue passionately about why Team is the most important. Still others, like Bill Gross in his TED Talk, makes the case for timing:

We believe Quantitative data can tell us important things about how successful a startup is, can, and will be.

Lumeric doesn’t dispute the importance of qualitative data - there are at least 10 categories of qualitative measures we think should be evaluated. But we believe there is great value in what Quantitative data can tell us about how successful a startup is, can, and will be. If you’re a startup founder looking for insights into your startup’s performance, please join our beta.

From the blog:

Scoring Your Startup - Venture Rubric

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Comparing Startup Revenue Models - Launch vs. Scale

All businesses are different at launch and scale. The product(s) are different, sometimes the customers are different, but choosing how you make money at launch could determine if you scale the business or not! Some startup business models work only at Scale. Given that most startups have limited cash, staff, and other resources, it's important not to pick a model that doesn't work until you get to scale. How do startup revenue and business models compare at launch and scale stages of your company? Read More...

Starting your Business Model Canvas (don't worry about all of the boxes, yet)

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