Welcome to the Lumeric Startup Index

Our survey is based on your unit economic data and compares your company data to other like companies based on business model, stage and capital.

Not sure about some of the questions, no worries, we’ll get you up to speed. Email us here. This is data you’ll need to have as you grow and will be a regular part of your business reporting in a more mature phase. We just want to get you there faster!

A quick note on anonymization, privacy policy, confidentiality and terms and conditions. You will always have access to your data. We anonymize your data prior to creating reports, so though you’ll see your company name, you’ll only see other company data as numbers without reference to company public or confidential information and they won’t see your name or details.

What data will you need?

  • Monthly lead count
  • Monthly marketing spend
  • Progress in leads from Marketing qualified to Sales qualified
  • Number of customers
  • Average contact value, monthly or annually
  • Topline monthly revenue
  • Number of employees