Lumeric produces two type of reports.

Benchmark Report

The first report is the Benchmark Data that compares your company to your peers. This is based on Revenue Model type (e.g. Subscriptions are different than Marketplaces), stage and capital raised as well as some other factors. The Benchmark Report is free for users that contribute their data to the training data set. All data in anonymized for benchmarking purposes.

Conversion Metrics

Our data set allows you to compare your key metrics to other companies based on the unit economics of the business.

Board/Investor Reports

Our Board and Investor Reports are designed to save you hours assembling your monthly updates. The Board reports takes your monthly performance data, with charts and graphs and allows you to add a narrative. We've outlined page one narrative to map to the Marketing, Sales and Retention data on the report.

Page two of the report includes HR, Ops and Engineering reports (that can be customized) to fit your specific businesses needs.